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Specializers domination. Velvet BDSM, hard BDSM, light BDSM . They step through and enter in the desired practice or action. Advanced users welcome.)) On practices. Classic FEMDOM - verbal pressure from regulatory and profanity or tacit and concise communication through gestures, actions, or handy tools and devices. Love meeting you for understanding of the chain of command in communication. It is easy to strap on session without FEMDOMA or light elements - control of the body, the obedience of the body. Golden rain(or heavy portions of the agreement) incl. in the program. Forced Cooney and anulingus - gaming rewards - at my discretion. Prefer to footjob with passion , teach beginners , and fans of FF will accompany and support verbal. Also refers to practices of the strap, urological massage, development - stretching wide and deep penetration - Fisting, . Experience is extensive, professional lubricant, latex disposable gloves, and responsive and attentive to the peculiarities of the afflicted. Stepanov several diameter and length. I like to look at emotions, voznikayuschie when the pain stimulation on the nipples (clothespins ,clamps , wax) , on the genitals melted paraffin, ice, tying the testicles and the penis. As for damage to the skin (body piercing games, scarification ) -will need further discussion (blood,antiseptics,needles). Have bolastig hands , feet, feet in shoes and with the help of devices . Practices and branches of the Massa - would be a fantasy))). Teach deep Blowjob with the help of my boys-straponom. Play tickling, tickling with passion, tickling the feet, or bastinado in the hard option of using the painful moments and use devices. The human body is a wonderful tool for creative , biased games with him. bind tightly(rope ) - a skill is - if necessary , taking into account physiological features . Immobilization playing with handcuffs, ropes, carabiners , bed, chair. For fans of steel - there is a chain immobilization, steel carabiners, steel heavy duty collar. Fans of sensory deprivation chest in the dark and waiting ; mask, eye patch, virusi, gags, Saran wrap for mummification , deprivation, latex mask and pouch . An idea for the different variations is what is important. Role play with predetermined scenarios (MS-Strict, or Affectionately Bossy and servant, Boss and middle Manager))))(joke) the Teacher and student(CA), Mistress and maid(bitch, fucker) , if you want to familyservices have wigs, lingerie, platform 42r, make-up or just porassprosit without identification with a woman. Naturally verbal, accompanied with a dramatic twist(scene, scenario). Don't like the game Autodafe and castration - this topic is not to my taste. Hand - job don't do foot-job -without fanaticism, while interesting and not tedious. Like when you licked the cum from shoes, hands, feet. Yes , the hand fetish is also welcome. I like to feed sperm to get to order to eat or just to taste. Can be mixed with Z. D .- for special judges. Pet-play a game of identification with an animal - a dog (loyal, helpful, trained,obedient dog), pet of riding( pony, horse, a bridle for control, can tie the tail, if there is such a dream)) .A separate issue, piggy play it in person) a pet may be in different ways. The use of the ward body as a piece of furniture or household comforts(seat , pad holder(both sides), sundries, table, stand, standing in the corner as a punishment or as furniture and similar in situation, size, capacity, and my own improvisation). Is discussed in detail and the terms separately and only at personal meeting . Like any practice or practices of synthesis always has its own nuances and characteristics , depending on the individual. Therefore, the first session having the interview for emphasis in improvisation. The theme is a large field for imagination and creativity(joint), so be prepared for interaction and communication. Stupid mechanics do not like -boring, but I understand that for some it's the most effective way to get what you want - treat with understanding and not judging.But still would recommend and advise at least conceptually, and mentally, at the level of the imagination to see the fact that you want to obtain and how, since the stalling of communication a little interesting for both sides. It is advisable to tell about their desires without ceremony ( in person) - still recognize and understand, but it is an open field for interesting action. Sadistic(CM) thematic session without DS and DB are also welcome. The manifestation of emotion through physical action gets and gives pleasure. This is briefly about what you can negotiate and what you can bring . Welcome to My world where hidden desires and secret dreams. Mrs. camile P. S. is the assistant

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Price apartment:

One hour:
1500 UAH
Two hours:
3000 UAH
Over night:
10000 UAH
Checked - 100%
Speaks English

Price for departure:

One hour:
1800 UAH
Two hours:
3600 UAH
Over night:
10000 UAH